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Featured Health & Nutrition Articles

How To Stop Your Food Cravings & Lose Weight for Good!

We all experience food cravings and it may not even be your fault! When food, or food-like substances, are DESIGNED PURPOSELY to make them crave-able, we need to remember that it’s in the best interest of the food industry to create food that would have us overeat. So, you’re not alone!

COVID-19 Nutrition: Staying Healthy In The Coronavirus Era

One of the big lessons of the year has been realizing the importance our health and how important it is to safeguard it. We've heard a lot about preventing the spread of viruses, but one thing we haven't heard a lot about is strengthening your immune system. What role may nutrition and fitness play in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19?

Added Refined Sugar – How Much Is Too Much?

Our body uses both natural and refined or added sugars for energy. But when we consume them in concentrated amounts, all of that sugar can’t be used immediately, and it’s stored in our body as fat. Yes, your body will turn sugar into fat! This can put you at a high risk of some serious health conditions. You probably just don’t realize how much sugar you are consuming.

Hi, I'm Aimée Ricca!

My passion is helping people, just like you, live their best lives through better nutrition and fitness. 

I’ve been overweight, had health issues, suffered injuries, and been exhausted and frustrated because I didn’t have access to the right information.

As a competitive figure skater, I received a lot of advice from well-meaning people but it wasn’t evidence-based and much of it just made things worse.

After much trial and error, I put together a program that finally worked for me. As a figure skating coach, I saw a lot of skaters and families making many of the same the mistakes that I did and I wanted to help them. So, I got educated by the International Sport Sciences Association and Precision Nutrition and became certified as an Elite Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive! 

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